Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 5136 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors
Listed in Alphabetical Order
May 25, 2010 7:16 PM

Bachmann (MN)



Would require the Department of Defense (DOD) to submit a report to certain House and Senate Committees containing the names of DOD employees and Members of the Armed Services that were aware of pre-November 5, 2010, contacts between Major Nidal Malik Hasan and Anwar al-Aulaqi, terrorist organizations, or Islamic extremists.

Bachmann (MN)



Would prohibit Belarusian and Russian fighter pilots from being eligible for the jet pilot training scholarship program mentioned in section 1204 of the bill.

Bachmann (MN)



Would ensure that any chaplain serving in the US Armed Forces, if called upon to lead a prayer outside of a religious service, would be free to close that prayer according to the dictates of the chaplain's conscience.

Bachmann (MN)



Would prohibit the Secretary of Defense from entering into contracts with any entity that provides Iran with censorship or surveillance technology or crime control equipment.

Bachmann (MN)



Would prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for Members of Congress’s alcohol during travel aboard military aircraft.

Bartlett (MD)



Would prohibit funds authorized to be appropriated in section 101(5) for other procurement, Army, from being obligated or expended by the Secretary of the Army for line-haul tractors unless the source selection is made based on a full and open competition.

Berry (AR)


Would expand “Buy American” requirements under the 1941 Berry Amendment to include shoes produced using American-made shoe lasts (the molds around which shoes are manufactured).

Biggert (IL), Schock (IL), Kirk (IL), Shimkus (IL), Manzullo (IL), Roskam (IL), Johnson, Timothy (IL)


Would prevent any funds authorized in the bill from being used to relocate any persons currently detained by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,to Thomson, Illinois .

Biggert (IL), Schock (IL), Kirk (IL), Shimkus (IL), Manzullo (IL), Roskam (IL), Johnson, Timothy (IL)


Would require that 90 days before the proposed transfer to the of any person detained at Guantanamo Bay , , information regarding the detainee’s escape efforts or attempts by any outside group to reach Guantanamo Bay and free the detainee shall be made available to the public.

Biggert (IL), Schock (IL), Kirk (IL), Shimkus (IL), Manzullo (IL), Roskam (IL), Johnson, Timothy (IL)


Would require that 90 days before the proposed transfer to the U.S. of any person detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, information regarding the detainee's legal name, country of residence, act of terrorism committed, and behavioral record since capture shall be released to the general public.

Bishop, Sanford (GA)


Would express a Sense of Congress that obesity is more than a public health issue – it is also an issue of national security.

Bishop, Sanford (GA)


Withdrawn Would authorize the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to conduct a study to determine which regions of the provide the greatest risk to the recruiting efforts of the armed forces because of obesity. The Secretary then would provide competitive grants to State Health Departments, which in turn would use the funds to establish and implement between four and eight “community action teams” within the state to make specific local changes that create healthier communities

Blumenauer (OR), Brown-Waite (FL), Farr (CA)


Would notify civilian land users when munitions hazards may be present on formerly used defense sites.

Bordallo (GU)


Would incorporate the text of H.R. 44, the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, into the bill as Title XVII. This title would implement the recommendations of the Guam War Claims Review Commission which was authorized by an Act of the 107th Congress (P.L. 107-333) and which submitted its final report to Congress in June 2004. The amendment authorizes the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the to settle claims resulting from the occupation of Guam during World War II based on other war claims programs previously authorized by Congress for other Americans.

Braley (IA)


Would require the Secretary of Defense, with contributions from the Secretary of State and Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to submit a report on the long-term costs of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. It would require the report to make cost projections through Fiscal Year 2020, and specifies scenarios and factors which the Secretary must consider in the report.

Broun (GA)


Would require the Secretary of Defense to order the flag of the flown over the military outposts of the in the Republic of Haiti .

Broun (GA)


Revised Would express the sense of Congress strongly encouraging the President to order the flag of the flown on military outposts of the in the Republic of Haiti .

Brown-Waite (FL)


Would expand the eligibility for the Army Combat Action Badge to those soldiers who served during the dates ranging from December 7, 1941, to September 18, 2001. The costs to procure the badges would be borne by these individuals, not the military

Brown-Waite (FL)


Would require the Department of Defense to suspend any contracting company for three years after completion of a contract if they are found to have hired undocumented workers, or immediately cancel the contract if the company refuses to fire the undocumented workers. It would prohibit the Department of Defense from contracting with any company not participating in the Basic Pilot program, which verifies an employee's lawful employment in the

Burton (IN), Napolitano (CA)


Would express the Sense of Congress that the President, as Commander-in-Chief, should treat all military personnel and military families equally and overturn the policy that prohibits sending a presidential letter of condolence to the family of a member of the Armed Forces who has died by suicide.

Burton (IN)



Would require the Attorney General and Secretary of Defense to coordinate to create rules and regulations to protect the identities of service members charged with mistreatment of suspected terrorists during a trial process to guarantee their safety and the safety of their families.

Burton (IN)



Revised Would prevent any agreement for nuclear cooperation between the and any country that is assisting the nuclear program of from entering into force and would prevent any license from being issued for export to such country of any nuclear goods or services until the President determines that has verifiably dismantled its nuclear program.

Butterfield (NC)



Would require the Secretary of the Navy to provide the House and Senate Armed Services Committees with a report detailing the need for and progress of a proposed Outlying Landing Field (OLF) in North Carolina or Virginia . It would prohibit spending on an OLF after fiscal year 2011 until Congress is provided with the required report. The report from the Secretary of the Navy would include a minimum of seven key elements detailed in the proposed amendment.

Carney (PA)



Withdrawn Would subject Federal Prison Industry to competitive bidding procedures when they seek a contract to produce combat ballistic helmets.

Carson (IN)


Would amend the Department of Defense pre-separation counseling program to provide discharging service members and their spouses with financial and job placement counseling.

Carter (TX)



Would protect servicemembers from retaliation based on their communications related to ideologically based threats or actions of another member that the reporting member reasonably believes could be counterproductive or detrimental to U.S. interests or security.

Carter (TX)



Revised Would require DoD civilian and military law enforcement personnel and contractors responsible for installation security functions to participate in Active Shooter Training as described in finding 4.3 of the document "Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood."

Castor (FL), Bilirakis (FL)



Revised Would give members of the Armed Forces serving in combat operations a free monthly postal voucher they can transfer to their loved ones, who can then send a letter or package to them at no cost. Members of the Armed Forces could also choose to donate their vouchers to charitable organizations, such as those that send care packages to soldiers.

Chandler (KY)



Would strike section 2412(c), which would prohibit funds from being allocated to the Blue Grass Army Depot Chemical Demilitarization program as it is currently contracted.

Childers (MS)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress regarding the procurement and the feasibility of sustained low-level production of Mine Resistant Ambush Protective Vehicles.

Coffman (CO), Ellsworth (IN)


Would require the Department of Defense to formulate and submit a plan to establish a domestic source of neodymium iron boron magnets for use in the defense supply chain.

Connolly (VA)


Would standardize federal agency and OPM reporting requirements regarding federal internship programs, with the goal of improving the conversion rate of interns to full time federal employees.

Connolly (VA)


Would require the Secretary of Defense to establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for its programs in the Horn of Africa.

Connolly (VA), Moran, James (VA)


Would direct OPM to base agency-wide numerical insourcing targets on analysis and research, and to report to Congress on insourcing decisions, the rationale for them, and the number of private positions insourced.

Conyers (MI), Davis, Geoff (KY)



Revised Would require the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of State, to issue a report evaluating naval security in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.  The report shall include an assessment of the strategic benefits of the successful negotiation of a bilateral or multilateral "Incidents at Sea" agreement including the United States and the Government of Iran.

Courtney (CT), Petri (WI), Matsui (CA)


2nd Revised Would transfer the Troops to Teachers program from the Department of Education to the Department of Defense.

Critz (PA)


Would allow military claims offices to pay full replacement value, instead of fair market value, on claims that fall outside the current contractual arrangements for providing full replacement value for the household goods of service members and civilian employees moved at the expense of the Department of Defense. It would clarify existing law on this policy.

Dahlkemper (PA)


Revised Would allow the Secretary of Defense to make excess nonlethal supplies available for domestic emergency assistance purposes, in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Dahlkemper (PA), Johnson (GA)


Revised Would prohibit the Department of Defense from engaging in a contract with a firm that requires, as a condition of employment, that claims arising from sexual harassment or assault be resolved through arbitration.

Dingell (MI), Stupak (MI), Miller, Brad (NC)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to provide the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) with the following information pertaining to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s historic drinking water contamination no later than 90 days after enactment: (1) an electronic inventory of all existing document, data, and records in its possession and update the inventory based on new documents, data, and records generated or discovered by Secretary of the Navy; and (2) all existing data, documents, and records pertaining to the contaminated water present at Camp Lejeune. In addition, the amendment would require the Secretary of the Navy to ensure personnel within the Department of Defense with the appropriate environmental expertise are utilized to identify, compile, and submit existing and new documents, data, and records that will assist ATSDR in gathering data relating to the contamination and remediation of Camp Lejeune base-wide drinking-water systems.

Driehaus (OH)/ Arcuri (NY)/ Andrews(NJ)


Revised Would require competitive procurement for any subsystem or subcomponent for the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Lightning II aircraft (F-35A, F-35B or F-35C) valued over $50 billion.

Duncan (TN)



Revised Would clarify the circumstances under which marriages between military personnel and foreign nationals shall be recognized as valid for immigration purposes in the event of the untimely death of the military member.

Edwards, Donna (MD), Lipinski (IL), Murphy, Christopher (CT)


Would direct the Department of Defense to include the impact on domestic jobs in their periodic assessments of defense capability.

Eshoo (CA), Holt (NJ), Thompson, Mike (CA), Schakowsky (IL)/Berman (CA)/ Tierney (MA)/Bishop (GA)


Revised Would require the DNI to cooperate with GAO inquiries that are initiated by Committees. Would allow all committees of jurisdiction to request that GAO perform audits of the intelligence community. Would allow the DNI to designate certain reports or portions of reports as sources and methods sensitive or reportable only to the intelligence committees, and those reports or portions would go only to the intelligence committees. Would establish certain procedures to ensure that GAO safeguards information.

Etheridge (NC)



Would double the special Impact Aid authorization - from $15 million to $30 million - for school districts affected by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure process, increase the limit for each eligible district, and make additional BRAC-impacted districts eligible. It would also reduce authorization for missile defense by $361.6 million to the President's request level.

Etheridge (NC), Kissell, Larry (NC)/Bishop, Sanford(GA)


Would clarify that the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment's existing grant-making authority for community adjustment and economic diversification to assist communities affected by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Process includes development assistance.

Faleomavaega (AS)



Would amend the appropriate section of the Non-Foreign Area Retirement Equity Assurance Act of 2009 (Subtitle B of Title XIX of Public Law 111-84, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010) to guarantee otherwise eligible employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) working in American Samoa to be paid TCOLA rates that match and are based on now frozen TCOLA rates applying to Guam and CNMI.

Fallin (OK)



Withdrawn Would require the Department of Defense to develop and implement a comprehensive policy on pre- and post-deployment automated neurocognitive assessments.

Filner (CA)



Would authorize additional appropriations equal to 15 percent of the funds authorized to be appropriated in the bill, to provide funding for a 21st Century Veterans Fund. The Department of Defense would be authorized to transfer amounts in the 21st Century Veterans Fund to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Flake, Jeff (AZ)



Would require a GAO report examining the relationships between Department of Defense personnel, defense contractors, Members of Congress and their staff and their impact on Congressional earmarking. It would also seek clarification of language included in the FY2010 defense appropriations bill requiring that earmarks to for-profit entities be awarded using full and open competition.

Flake, Jeff (AZ)


Would prohibit funding for the earmarks listed in House Report 111-491.

Fortenberry (NE), Markey, Edward (MA)



Would state that no civil nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and Russia, pursuant to section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (42 U.S.C. 2153), shall enter into force or be implemented until the President determines and reports to the Committees that: (1) Iran has verifiably ceased its efforts to design, develop or acquire a nuclear explosive devise or related materials or technology, and is in full compliance with all relevant international obligations; or (2) Russia has suspended, and agreed to maintain the suspension of, its assistance to Iran's nuclear program and transfers of advanced conventional weapons and ballistic missiles to Iran.

Foster (IL)



Would grant one year extensions of the following programs in the Department of Defense: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, and the Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP).

Foster (IL)



Would direct the Secretary of Defense to commission an independent study by assessing the optimal balance of unmanned versus manned platforms, and the current ability of each branch of the military to defend against unmanned aerial vehicles. It would require the conclusions of this study to be reported to Congress by December 1, 2011.

Franks (AZ)



Would prevent the expenditure of any funds authorized in the bill from being used to support participation in the International Criminal Court.

Garrett (NJ)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to report to the House and Senate Committees on Armed Services on the role played by former United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) employee Humam Al-Balawi in the attack on U.S. Forward Operating Base Chapman in , which reportedly killed seven Americans and one Jordanian on December 30, 2009.

Giffords (AZ)



Would authorize the Secretary of Defense, acting through Joint Task Force North, to share with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice any data gathered during training exercises.

Giffords (AZ)



Would add $3.5 million in funding for hypersonic wind tunnel research and offset that with funding in the biological and chemical defense programs account.

Gingrey (GA)



Would provide waiver authority to the Secretary of Defense (or a designee) to section 526 of the Energy Independence Act of 2007 if such a waiver is deemed necessary by the Secretary to further the readiness of the Armed Forces and national security objectives.

Gingrey (GA)



Would prohibit Federal employees under the jurisdiction of the bill from participating in collective bargaining agreement negotiations during official Federal employee work hours.

Gingrey (GA)


Withdrawn Would prohibit individuals detained at Guantanamo Bay from being transferred or repatriated, for the purposes of release or detention, into a nation or region that is recognized by the Department of State or the Department of Defense as a haven of any manner, kind, or fashion for terrorist activity or that has been classified as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Gingrey (GA)



Would express the sense of Congress that active duty military personnel who are stationed or residing in the District of Columbia should be permitted to exercise fully their rights under the Second Amendment and therefore should be exempt from the District of Columbia's ban on the possession of handguns and from the requirement that rifles and shotguns in the home be kept unloaded and disassembled or outfitted with a trigger lock.

Gingrey (GA)



Would prohibit funds authorized by the bill from being used to transfer any individual who is detained at Guantanamo Bay to the or any territory.

Gingrey (GA)



Would strike paragraph 2 of section 1033(c), relating to the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to foreign countries and other foreign entities.

Granger (TX)



Would require the Department of Defense to reimburse civilian attorney fees incurred by a member of the Armed Forces who is accused of any offense with regard to the treatment of an insurgent, enemy combatant, detainee, or a suspected terrorist if the service member is acquitted or the charges are dropped.

Granger (TX)



Would require the Department of Defense to reimburse civilian attorney fees incurred by a member of the Armed Forces who is accused of any offense with regard to the treatment of an insurgent, enemy combatant, detainee, or a suspected terrorist if the service member is acquitted or the charges are dropped. This would be retroactive to September 11, 2001.

Graves (MO)



Would require DOD to study and report on the feasibility of transferring aircraft to a non-Federal entity, would prohibit DOD from destroying certain aircraft until the report is complete, and would require DOD to submit to Congress a complete inventory of surplus military aircraft.

Grayson (FL)



Would require cost or price be given at least equal importance in evaluating competitive proposals for procurement contracts with the United States Department of Defense.

Grayson (FL)



Would establish rules to penalize cost overruns in performance of contracts with the Department of Defense in an amount equal to 10 percent of the cost overrun. It would also mandate the Secretary of Defense to publish a public report listing each contractor with a cost overrun.

Gutierrez (IL)


Would stipulate that, should the Secretary of Defense determine that BP or its subsidiaries performing any contract with the Department are no longer a "responsible source," the Secretary shall consider debarring BP or its subsidiaries from contracting with the Department no later than 90 days after making such determination.

Hall, John (NY)



Would extend for 5 years the Department of Defense (DOD) Mentor-Protege program, setting its expiration date to September 30, 2015, and continues the currently authorized funding level.

Halvorson (IL)



Would eliminate the combat-related special compensation special rule for disabled combat-related uniformed services retirees who are Purple Heart recipients.

Hare (IL)



Withdrawn Would direct the Secretary of Defense to study the feasibility of and the need for a titanium focused factory within the Department of Defense.

Hare (IL)



Revised Would direct the Secretary of the Army to deliver a report to Congress that provides a detailed explanation of the Army’s Heirloom Chest policy, the Army’s plans to continue the Heirloom Chest program, and a cost estimate for the procurement to expand the number of Heirloom Chests to additional family members.

Hare (IL)


Withdrawn Would prohibit administrative separations of members of the armed forces for personality disorder.

Hare (IL)



Withdrawn Would direct the Secretary of Defense to establish a pilot program to provide academic and emotional interventions and supports for deployed children in DoD schools and local education agencies with a large military child population, and issue the findings in a report to Congressional defense committees.

Harman (CA)



Would call for expedited and priority consideration of an application for permanent change of base or unit transfer for victims of sexual assault to reduce the possibility of retaliation against the victim.

Hastings, Alcee (FL)



Would require the Department of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and heads of other appropriate Federal agencies (as determined by the Secretary of Defense) to produce a needs assessment of U.S. affiliated Iraqis and their status. It would also require the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Homeland Security to develop a plan using the needs assessment to expedite resettlement of U.S.-affiliated Iraqis at risk as the United States withdraws from Iraq.

Hastings, Alcee (FL)


Withdrawn Would provide statutory authority for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to have access to detainees under United States control.

Heller (NV)



Revised Would require the Secretary of the Air Force to establish maps of acceptable, unacceptable, and unassessed locations for geothermal, wind, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal trough systems on Air Force and adjoining property.

Heller (NV)



Would prohibit any funds authorized by this Act to be used by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Energy to conduct a study or a report regarding the actions needed to preserve and restart the Yucca Mountain repository.

Herseth Sandlin (SD), Fleming (LA)


Would require reports to Congress on U.S. bomber modernization, sustainment and recapitalization efforts in support of the national defense strategy.

Hinchey (NY)


2nd Revision Would require the Department of Defense to apply the Buy American Act to the procurement of photovoltaic devices purchased overseas and through subcontracts, which are currently exempt.

Hinchey (NY), Schakowsky (IL), Moran, James (VA)



Would require armed private security contractors who are using U.S. citizens in Iraq or Afghanistan to hire those individuals as direct employees rather than independent contractors. It would only apply to U.S. citizens who are required to have U.S. security clearances for such contracts and contains a national security waiver.

Hodes (NH), Pingree (ME), Shea-Porter (NH)



Would require a study by the Department of Defense Inspector General on abuses and misclassification of small businesses, under section 8(a) of the Small Business Act, for the purpose of Department of Defense contracts set aside for small businesses.

Holden (PA)



Would make any person who served in combat as a pilot or crew member of a Medevac unit beginning June 25, 1950, eligible for the Combat Medevac Badge.

Holt (NJ)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to share contact data on any Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA) personnel with the State Adjutant General for the state in which those IRR or IMA members reside in order to facilitate suicide prevention outreach efforts.

Holt (NJ), Bishop, Tim (NY), Himes (CT)



Would require that the Secretary of Defense ensure that each member of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) or those designated as Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA) who have served at least one tour in Iraq or Afghanistan receive at least quarterly counseling and health and welfare calls from personnel properly trained to provide such services.

Holt (NJ)



Would require the Department of Defense General Counsel to provide the certain Congressional committees copies of any opinions affirming the legality of using U.S. military forces to conduct lethal operations against U.S. citizens who are not directly engaged in combat operations against the armed forces of the United States.

Inslee (WA), Tiahrt (KS), DeLauro (CT), Larsen, Rick (WA), Turner (OH), Carnahan (MO)


2nd Revised Would require the Department of Defense to consider and factor into proposed bids the receipt of illegal subsidies, as determined by the World Trade Organization, when awarding contracts for major defense acquisition programs.

Israel (NY)


Would authorize the service secretaries to award a Cold War Service Medal to persons who have served at least 24 consecutive months during the Cold War or deployed outside of the Continental United States for a period of at least 30 days during the Cold War.

Issa (CA)



Would prevent the use of funds for tertiary water treatment plants at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, until the Secretary of the Navy enters into contract with the Fallbrook Public Utilities District to implement the Santa Margarita Conjunctive Use Project, which was authorized in the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Revised Would require the Secretary of Defense shall provide, by December 1, 2010, a report to the Congressional Black Caucus that includes a list of minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged-owned businesses over the past 10 years who have received contracts resulting from authorized funding to the Department.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Would authorize the Secretary of Defense to transfer funds up to $10,000,000 to the Department of State if the Secretary of Defense deems such a transfer to be in the interest of National Security.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to maintain a website or searchable database of small businesses, including minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged-owned businesses with which the Department of Defense has contracts.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Revised Would require the Secretary of Defense to provide special considerations for small businesses including minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses, with respect to procurement and contracting.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Withdrawn Would permit the Secretary of a military department to use amounts authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary to support pre-deployment, deployment, and reintegration events and programs for members of the Armed Forces and their families that are related to building healthy family relationships and resiliency skills.

Jackson Lee (TX)



Would make available post-traumatic stress counseling for civilians affected by the Fort Hood shooting, and shootings at other domestic military bases.

Kennedy (RI)



Withdrawn Would include traumatic brain injury as a critical area in neuroscience-based research in the Visiting NIH Senior Neuroscience Fellowship Program.

Kennedy (RI)



Would add neurology to the list of selected residency programs at military medical treatment facilities subject to a program review.

Kingston (GA)



Would allow members of the military between the ages of 18-20 to purchase beer and wine on military installations at facilities, such as enlisted clubs or morale, welfare and recreation facilities where the intent is to consume on the premises.

Kirkpatrick (AZ)



Would eliminate gaps in existing law that have resulted in unauthorized and improper disposal of Department of Defense property.

Kissell, Larry (NC), Etheridge (NC)



Would allow military museum foundations to lease portions of military museums that are owned by the military for fundraising. The funds raised during any event will return to the museum for maintenance and improvement for the museum.

Klein, Ron (FL)



Revised Would require companies that are applying for Department of Defense contracts to certify that they do not conduct business in Iran, as defined by Section 5 of the Iran Sanctions Act. It would prohibit any entity that cannot complete this certification from receiving Department of Defense contracts.

Kosmas (FL)



Would increase the amount of funding the Department of Defense (DOD) is allowed to apply toward technical assistance for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program Phase I and II award recipients and allows the DOD to pay for this discretionary technical assistance during Phase II. It would increase the amount of funds permitted for this use to a figure more consistent with current market levels. It would allow the DOD to spend up to 3.0 percent of their SBIR and STTR Program budgets to cover administrative and program management costs, including commercialization assistance, technical assistance, contracting program evaluation, and other program administrative costs.

Kosmas (FL)


Would require DoD and NASA to conduct a study of the feasibility of joint usage of the NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot (NSLD), which utilizes a highly-skilled workforce and has unique capabilities, to supplement requirements for products and services in support of reset initiatives, engineering analysis, industrial base capabilities, and innovative technology processes to improve procurement and reduce risk, cost, and cycle time of system delivery.

Kratovil (MD)



Would clarify that no funds authorized to be appropriated in this Act or otherwise made available to the Department of Defense shall be used in violation of section 1040 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010.

Latham (IA), Boren (OK)



Would express the Sense of Congress that an erroneous interpretation of recent changes to age and service requirements for reserve retirement pay should be corrected, to ensure that members of the Guard and Reserve receive full credit for time spent on deployments in reducing the age at which retirement pay may be received under section 647 of the NDAA for FY08, which sought to modernize reserve retirement benefits to reflect the increased use of the reserved components to support contingency operations.

Latta (OH)



Would strike Section 573 (The Department of Defense Recognition of Children of Members of the Armed Forces) and insert language from H.R. 5333, which would (1) require the Secretary of Defense to establish an application process for an eligible individual to receive a military service member’s commemorative lapel button; (2) add a cost provision and let the eligible recipients have the opportunity to purchase the lapel button; (3) allow one lapel button per eligible child dependent of a military service member; and (4) allow all eligible child dependents of military service members who served on active duty for more than 30 days the opportunity to purchase the lapel button retroactively.

Latta (OH)



Would add a cost provision so that the eligible child dependent of a military service member will be allowed to purchase the children of military service members commemorative lapel pin. It would also allow the Secretary of Defense to establish an application process for the eligible individuals to request to purchase the lapel pin.

Lee, Barbara (CA)



Would express the Sense of Congress that there is potential for additional and significant cost savings through further reductions by the Secretary of Defense in waste, fraud, and abuse and that the Secretary should make implementation of remaining Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommendations an utmost priority of the Department of Defense.

Lipinski (IL), Murphy, Christopher (CT), Edwards, Donna (MD)


Revised Would require the Department of Defense to solicit bids from domestic suppliers when procuring articles, materials, or supplies for use outside of the United States.

Lipinski (IL), Murphy, Christopher (CT), Edwards, Donna (MD)


Would broaden the coverage of the Buy American Act of 1933 by eliminating the automatic exemption for Department of Defense acquisitions that are used abroad.

Luetkemeyer (MO)



Would direct the Secretary of each military department to review the service records of eligible Jewish American veterans from World War I to determine whether such veterans should be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Luján (NM)



Would instruct the Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration to encourage technology transfer activities at its national security laboratories that will lead to enhanced private-sector employment opportunities. It would require the Administrator to submit a report each year detailing the number of new private-sector employment opportunities created as a result of the technology transfer activities at each of its national security laboratories.

Mack (FL)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to submit a report within 180 days evaluating the threat of countries in the Western Hemisphere with a focus on terrorist activity, arms buildup, and the risk of terrorist and drug trafficking groups gaining access to weapons in the Western Hemisphere.

Maloney (NY)



Revised Would provide 4 weeks of paid parental leave to federal employees for the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child.

Markey, Betsy (CO)



Would require the DOD to include a report on the past, current, and potential capabilities of foreign nations and entities to engage in hostile or malicious activity intended to compromise the DOD information systems within the cybersecurity study.

Markey, Betsy (CO)


Would create the Department of Veterans Affairs HONOR Scholarship Program for veterans' pursuit of graduate and post-graduate degrees in behavioral health sciences.

Marshall (GA)


Would express the sense of Congress that the Chief of the National Guard Bureau should issue fire-resistant utility ensembles to National Guard personnel who are engaged, or likely to become engaged, in defense support to civil authority missions that routinely involve serious fire hazards, such as wildfire recovery efforts.

McGovern (MA), Emerson (MO), Bishop (GA)   


Would include a Sense of Congress stating that hunger and obesity are impairing military recruitment and must be properly addressed.

McGovern (MA), Jones (NC), Welch (VT)



Would require the President to certify that the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission and the Afghan Electoral Complaints commission have the professional capacity, legal authority and independence to carry out and oversee free, fair and honest elections, absent the fraud that characterized the 2009 presidential elections, before funds are made available to support the holding of elections in Afghanistan.

McKeon (CA)



Second-degree amendment in the nature of a substitute to amendment #43 by Rep. Patrick Murphy (PA), that would revise the guidance, terms of reference and objectives for the Department of Defense Working Group reviewing possible repeal of the current policy concerning homosexuality in the Armed Forces, and require that the Working Group’s report be provided to the House and Senate Committees on Armed Services, together with the recommendations of the chiefs of the military services.

McMahon (NY)



Would include “licensed or certified mental health counselors” under mental health providers that can be reimbursed under Tricare, thereby broadening the access that service men and women will have to quality mental healthcare.

McMahon (NY)



Revised Would express a Sense of Congress concerning the implementation of the Congressionally-mandated recommendations of the Institute of Medicine study.

McMahon (NY)



Would express a Sense of Congress to encourage the Secretary of the Navy to name a naval vessel after Medal of Honor recipient and Navy chaplain, Father Vincent Capodanno.

McMorris Rodgers (WA)


Would authorize the transportation of one additional motor vehicle (for a total of 2) of members of the Armed Forces on change of permanent station to or from non foreign areas outside the continental United States.

Michaud (ME)



Withdrawn Would instruct DOD to conduct and submit to Congress a one-time report on the use of Berry amendment exceptions and waivers and clothing cash allowance over last 15 years. It would also instruct DOD to complete and submit to Congress an annual report on the use of the Berry amendment exceptions and waivers and the clothing cash allowance.

Miller, Jeff (FL)



Would prevent the Secretary of Defense from establishing, applying or enfocing any numerical goal, target or quota for the conversion of contracted functions to performance through federal employees. It would require reports by Secretary of Defense, OMB and GAO to ensure proper methods and criteria are being used.

Minnick (ID)



Would authorize the Secretary of Education to provide support to help cover operating costs of new state programs under the National Guard Youth Challenge Program.

Mitchell (AZ), Rohrabacher (CA)



Would direct the Secretary of Defense to increase the number of National Guard troops deployed along the international border between the United States and Mexico by at least 3,000, and keep them deployed until December 31, 2011. If, however, additional Border Patrol agents are authorized, hired, trained and deployed, then the number of additional National Guard troops may be reduced by the number of Border Patrol agents added, but only if such additional Border Patrol agents are fully deployed.

Murphy, Patrick (PA)



Would repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” only after: (1) receipt of the recommendations of the Pentagon's Comprehensive Review Working Group on how to implement a repeal of DADT (due December 1, 2010) and (2) a certification by the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and President that repeal is first, consistent with military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion & recruiting, and second, that the DoD has prepared the necessary policies and regulations to implement its repeal.  It would also include a 60 day period after certification before the repeal took effect.

Murphy, Christopher (CT), Lipinski (IL), Edwards, Donna (MD)



Would require the Department of Defense to include in its yearly assessment of waivers granted under the Buy American Act to include in that report an analysis of the domestic capacity to supply the articles, materials or supplies procured from overseas and an analysis of the reasons for the yearly increase or decrease in Buy American waivers granted.

Murphy, Christopher (CT), Edwards, Donna (MD), Lipinski (IL)


Would allow the Secretary to take into account the effects on domestic employment before making an award decision.

Murphy, Tim (PA)



Revised Would direct the Surgeons General of the Army, Navy, and Air Force to submit a report to Congress on whether additional behavioral health professionals are needed to treat members of the Armed Forces for PTSD/TBI, and offer recommendations for ways to provide incentives for health care professionals to join active and reserve components.

Nye (VA), Larsen, Rick (WA)


Revised Would require the Department of Defense to report to the House Armed Services Committee and the Small Business Committee on their plans to support the Regional Advanced Technology Clusters.

Olson (TX)



Would prohibit Habeas petitions in U.S. Federal Court on behalf of enemy combatants housed at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and other U.S. Military Bases around the world.

Olson (TX)



Would prohibit any civilian criminal trials in U.S. Federal Court for detainees housed at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Owens (NY)



Would require the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security to jointly submit a report to Congress on the actions taken to improve cross-agency coordination to enhance emergency preparedness and response for a terrorist attack or catastrophic incident, which shall include a description of the progress made by each Department in addressing the coordination concerns identified by the Comptroller General.

Owens (NY)



Would provide Congress enhanced and updated budget and quantity information on proposed equipment purchases. The information to be provided includes both the per unit cost for each item for each year in the five-year budget window and the total five-year equipment quantities needed.

Pascrell (NJ), Platts (PA), Andrews (NJ), Cole (OK), Ortiz (TX), Coffman (CO), Wilson, Joe (SC)


2nd Revision Would require that the same cognitive screening tool be used pre-deployment and post-deployment until a new, comprehensive policy for screening our soldiers to detect cognitive injuries is implemented.  Would require DOD to complete outstanding studies on the effectiveness of various cognitive assessment tools.

Perriello (VA)



Would ensure that Department of Defense in sourcing decisions are performance based by excluding from consideration the value of employer sponsored health plans and retirement benefits plans provided by both DoD and private government contractors.

Pingree (ME), Rooney (FL), Larson, John (CT), Altmire (PA), Berry (AR), Blumenauer (OR), Boren (OK), Cardoza (CA), Castor (FL), Cleaver (MO), Cohen (TN), Courtney (CT), Davis, Danny K. (IL), Davis, Lincoln (TN), DeFazio (OR), DeGette (CO), DeLauro (CT), Ellison (MN), Gonzalez (TX), Gordon (TN), Green, Al (TX), Grijalva, Raul (AZ), Hastings, Alcee (FL), Johnson, Hank (GA), Kagen (WI), Meeks, Gregory (NY), Moore, Dennis (KS), Nadler (NY), Polis (CO), Rodriguez (TX), Herseth Sandlin (SD), Westmoreland (GA), Murphy (CT), Owens (NY), Herseth Sandlin (SD)


2nd Revised Would redirect funds from the Joint Strike Fighter's Alternate Engine Program to the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Account and the nation's debt. Would implement a limitation on the appropriation of funds to the alternate engine program unless the Secretary of Defense reports to Congress that the extra engine will reduce the total life cycle costs of the F-35 program; will improve the operational readiness of the program; will not disrupt the overall program; and will not result in fewer aircraft being procured. Would eliminate the Joint Strike Fighter certification requirements associated with the Alternate Engine program.

Pingree (ME), Michaud 



REVISED Would require the Department of Defense to continue commissary and exchange stores at Naval Air Station Brunswick through September 30, 2011. DOD may not take any action to reduce or terminate the sale of goods at such store during fiscal year 2011. This date is consistent with the base closure date.

Polis (CO)/Langevin (RI)/Cohen (TN)


Would clarify that federal agencies can procure commercially available fuels that have less than a majority proportion of alternative fuels with greater life cycle emissions than traditional petroleum fuels.

Pomeroy (ND)


Would authorize the continuation of the Joint Family Support Assistance Program, which provides support and services to families of service members, with a primary focus on those families that do not live near a military installation and would not otherwise have access to the services available at those facilities.

Posey (FL)



Would prohibit the use of military aircraft by the Speaker for routine travel between Washington and the Speaker's district.

Price, David (NC), Spratt (SC)



3rd Revision Would extend certain provisions of the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (FY 2008 NDAA) pertaining to private security contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan to additional overseas areas with a significant contractor presence.  Specifically, the amendment would require the Secretary of Defense to issue regulations extending section 862 of the FY 2008 NDAA to additional areas in which significant military operations are being carried out by the U.S. Armed Forces.  The amendment leaves the designation of such areas to the Secretary but stipulates that it should include, at a minimum, the Horn of Africa, Yemen, Haiti, and the Philippines.

Putnam (FL)



Would express a sense of Congress in support of recreational hunting and fishing on military installations. States that military installations that sell recreational hunting and fishing permits should provide a discount to active and retired members of the Armed Forces and veterans with disabilities, and promote access to such facilities to those with disabilities.

Quigley (IL), Flake, Jeff (AZ)



Revised Would require the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) database be made available to all Members of Congress rather than select committees, and expands the scope of FAPIIS to include relevant contractor performance and conduct data from the last ten years, instead of just five.

Rahall (WV)



Would require the National Guard Bureau to serve as an advocate and liaison for the National Guard of each State. The Chief of the National Guard Bureau would serve as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, would advocate on behalf of the National Guard, coordinating its multiple missions of warfighter support and homeland defense, and would consult with the Governors and their Adjutant Generals before any changes are made in National Guard force structure or equipment levels.

Rehberg (MT)



Would elevate the Chief of the Army Medical Specialist Corps from the rank of Captain to the rank of Major General.

Reichert (WA)



Would authorize $100,000,000 for the construction, modernization, renovation, or repair of publicly operated elementary or secondary schools located on military installations in the U.S.

Richardson (CA)



Revised Would require Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) to update the PORT LOOK 2008 Strategic Seaports study and in that update include consideration of the infrastructure in the vicinity of the strategic port (including bridges, roads, and rail capacity).

Richardson (CA)



Would instruct the U.S. Northern Command (NorthCom) to develop a leadership strategy, relationships, and guidelines to work with State and Local authorities in the event of a major incident.

Rogers, Mike (MI), Culberson (TX)



Would provide that employees of the Federal government may not provide Miranda warnings to a foreign national or unprivileged enemy belligerent while in custody of an element of the Department of Defense or Intelligence Community unless certification has been provided that all intelligence has been acquired.

Ruppersberger (MD)


Would strike $10 million in military construction to move the hospital ship USNS Comfort from its homeport in Baltimore to Norfolk, Virginia.

Sablan (MP)


Would allow the Northern Mariana Islands to be a location for the overhaul, repair and maintenance of naval vessels and other vessels under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Navy.

Sablan (MP)



Would amend sections 2821 and 2822 by adding the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to Department of Defense assistance for community adjustments related to realignment of military installations and relocation of military personnel on Guam.

Sanchez, Loretta (CA)


Revised Would repeal the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program (P.L. 100-656).

Sarbanes (MD)


Would require non-Defense agencies to establish contractor inventories and insourcing programs to mirror current law for the Department of Defense. It would also prevent agencies from establishing any numerical goal, target, or quota for the conversion to performance by Federal employees, require OMB to report to Congress on agency insourcing policies and GAO to evaluate OMB reporting.

Schakowsky (IL), McGovern (MA), Conyers (MI), Hinchey (NY), Moran, James (VA)


Would require the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to report on existing oversight of contractors in Afghanistan, as well as to make recommendations for increasing oversight, decreasing reliance on contractors responsible for civilian deaths, and preventing contractors responsible for waste, fraud, and abuse from getting future contracts.

Schakowsky (IL)


Would require a report to Congress on any use of contractors by the Department of Defense to collect intelligence or to track and kill individuals in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Schiff (CA)


Withdrawn Would strike section 1059 of the bill, which expresses a Sense of Congress that the April 2010 Nuclear Posture Review weakens national security.

Schock (IL)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to assess the supply chain for strategic or critical synthetic materials for defense applications. After this assessment has been made, the Secretary would then be required to develop a plan to ensure the long term availability of those synthetic materials.

Schrader (OR)



Would require the Secretary of Defense to ensure that each member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces who is mobilized or demobilized is provided a clear and comprehensive statement of the medical care and treatment to which such member is entitled under Federal law by reason of being so mobilized or demobilized.

Schrader (OR)



Would instruct the DoD Inspector General to conduct a study assessing the medical processing of National Guard and Reserve soldiers mobilizing and demobilizing under Title X.

Sessions (TX), Platts (PA)



Would establish a 5 year “pay-for-performance” pilot program for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. It would authorize healthcare providers to treat active duty soldiers and veterans at no cost to the patient, and DoD/VA only reimburses services proven successful.

Sestak (PA)



Would mandate that behavioral health treatments used to treat disorders such as autism, including applied behavior analysis, be provided under TRICARE for DOD armed services beneficiaries if a health care professional determines that the treatment is medically necessary. It would cap funding for this provision at $50 million for FY 2011.

Shadegg (AZ)



Would prohibit members of the Armed Forces or veterans from receiving burial benefits if they are convicted of certain sexual offenses requiring them to register as "Tier III" sex offenders.

Shea-Porter (NH)



4th Revision Would require a penalty for prime contractors that do not provide information to databases on contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it adds a reporting requirement. The penalty would withhold award and incentive fee payments.

Shea-Porter (NH), Langevin (RI)



Would require the President to commission a study to assess the need for and implications of a common alignment of world regions in the internal organization of departments and agencies of the Federal government with international responsibilities.

Skelton (MO)


Revised Would correct a variety of technical errors in the bill.

Smith, Adam (WA)



Would ensure that the spouse, children and parents of a deployed or deploying member of the Armed Forces, who are not covered under the Family Medical Leave Act, have the ability to take at least two weeks of unpaid leave from their job in order to address issues that arise over the course of a deployment cycle.

Space (OH)



Would require the Secretary of the VA to send an electronic copy of service members' separation paperwork to the States.

Spratt (SC), Hastings, Doc (WA)



Would require the Secretary of Energy to continue taking the steps specified in current law to provide for the permanent disposition of high level defense nuclear waste and submit to a report within 30 days on the funding necessary to carry out those activities.

Stark (CA)



Would reduce the amount authorized for ballistic missile defense by $361.6 million, which would match the Pentagon's original request of $9.9 million.

Tanner (TN)



Would express the sense of Congress that the Secretary of the Navy should name the next guided missile destroyer the "U.S.S. Clifton Cates," in honor of former Commandant of the Marine Corps Clifton B. Cates.

Teague (NM), Markey, Betsy (CO), Perriello (VA), Owens (NY)



Revised Would provide health insurance to dependents of permanently and totally disabled veterans, as well as veterans who died from serviced connected disabilities, through the age of 26. Currently under CHAMPVA, which is administered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA), coverage can only be provided to dependent children up to the age of 23.

Teague (NM)



Would provide for marriage and family counseling services for active duty service members and their immediate family under Tricare.

Terry (NE)



Would limit the level of civilian contractor conversions on any military installation to 12 percent of the total civilian workforce on that installation that is under a current DOD contract.

Titus (NV), Heller (NV), Costa (CA)



Would provide the Secretary of Defense the flexibility to change the effective date of the Homeowners Assistance Program for members of the armed forces permanently reassigned during the mortgage crisis.

Tonko (NY)


Would express a Sense of Congress encouraging the development of next generation semiconductor technologies.

Tonko (NY), Murphy, Scott (NY)


Would maintain the current authorization of the Arsenal Support Program Initiative to encourage commercial firms and small businesses to use Army arsenals for commercial and defense related purposes.

Turner (OH), Lamborn (CO), Kirk (IL), Griffith (AL), Franks (AZ)


Would provide for defense of the U.S. homeland against intercontinental ballistic missile threats by (1) mandating the U.S. field missile defenses in Europe no later than the threats are assessed to materialize and (2) requiring the U.S. maintain and refurbish Missile Field 1 at Fort Greely, Alaska.

Van Hollen, Chris (MD), Braley (IA), Platts (PA)


Withdrawn Would provide whistleblower protections to federal employees and contractors of the federal government.

Walz (MN)


Would require transportation on Department of Defense (DOD) aircraft, on a space-available basis and on the same basis as a spouse of a retired member of the Armed Forces, for: (1) the unremarried surviving spouse of a retired member, and (2) any dependents accompanied by such surviving spouses.

Walz (MN)



Would revise the language of the Alternative Career Track Pilot Program slightly to ensure officers are not penalized with regards to promotion for participating in the pilot program.

Watson (CA), Langevin (RI)



Would insert language based on H.R. 4900 and H.R. 5247, that contain the following provisions: (1) the establishment of a new National Office for Cyberspace; (2) management and oversight reforms for agency information security programs; (3) security related acquisition requirements for federal information technology investments; (4) the establishment of a federal Chief Technology Officer; and (5) make the Director of the National Office for Cyberspace a member of the National Security Council and grant the office additional government-wide coordinating responsibilities.

Weiner (NY)


Revised Would require the GAO to study and report to Congress on the cost to localities that chose to cover the difference between a city employee’s military salary and their city salary.

Wilson, Joe (SC)



Would direct the Secretary of Energy, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and the Administrator for Nuclear Security, to ensure the nuclear waste repository located at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, remains available for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste resulting from the activities of the DoD and the NNSA until a new location for such waster has been sited and approved.

Wilson, Charles (OH)



Would require five sections of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for prime contractors when hiring subcontractors for Department of Defense federal contracts. Prime contractors would be required to publicize proposed contracting opportunities; select contractor based on full and open competition; to report information on the contract award; disclose certain information to unsuccessful bidders or offerors; and the ability to access a copy of the contract of the winning bidder or offer.

Young, Don (AK)/Cole (OK)



Would clarify that for the threshold in Sec. 811(a) of the NDAA of 2010, the Justification and Approval (J&A) requirement is triggered for a contract that is in excess of $20 million and that the $20 million threshold is not a life-of-contract number, and would simply insert "a base year" before "amount exceeding $20,000,000."