Summary of Amendments Submitted for H.R. 915 – FAA Reauthorization

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

Listed in Alphabetical Order

May 20, 2009  4:17PM

Ackerman (NY)/
Crowley (NY)


Would provide that Congress finds the FAA did not follow FAA policy statements in determining whether the proposed College Point Marine Transfer Station in New York if constructed would constitute a hazard to air navigation. It also would require the FAA Administrator to take such actions as may be necessary to designate the proposed College Point Marine Transfer Station in New York City, New York, as a hazard to air navigation.


Bordallo (GU)


Would require the Transportation Secretary to make section 1542.109 (alternate means of airport security compliance) and parts 1544 (aircraft operator security) and 1546 (foreign air carrier security) of title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, as in effect on the date of enactment, applicable to airports located outside the continental United States.


Burgess (TX)


Would express the sense of Congress that FAA whistleblowers be granted the full protection of the law.


Cassidy (LA)


Would amend section 417 (review of air carrier flight delays, cancellations, and associated causes) so that the Inspector General study includes the effect that limited air carrier service operations on routes have on the frequency of delays and cancellations on such routes.


Cleaver (MO)


Would provide that nothing in the bill or current law would prevent the use of airport-generated revenue (including a local tax on aviation fuel) to reimburse a state or local government at present market value for all unrecovered capital contributions by the government to an airport, local airport system, or other local facilities owned or operated by the airport owner or operator and directly and substantially related to the air transport of passengers or property for contributions made on or before September 2, 1982.

Costa (CA)/
Nunes (CA)


Would require the FAA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, within 90 days of enactment, to review the port-of-entry status at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which is operating at user-fee status, to determine whether the airport meets the international flight threshold to be designated a nonreimbursable port-of-entry and to estimate the costs to the Government of adjusting the airport's status.


Cuellar (TX)/Ortiz(TX)/McCaul(TX)/Rodriguez (TX)


Revised  Would direct the FAA Administrator to study  the FAA radar signal locations and their impact on the development of renewable energy technologies, and to make recommendations as necessary for relocation of FAA radars and testing and deployment as needed.



Cuellar (TX)/McCaul (TX)


Would establish performance measures, program assessment, and reporting requirements for each FAA program.


Dicks (WA)


Would provide that the operator of 707 aircraft N88ZL is authorized to conduct flights for hire in common carriage without numeric limitation on the number of contracts pursuant to regulations for certification and operations set forth in 14 CFR Part 125 without possessing a certificate under 49 USC sec. 41101.


Frelinghuysen (NJ)


Would require the FAA to study the proposed New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Class B modification design change. The study shall determine the effect of the change on the environment, with an emphasis on airplane noise. The study shall state whether the change was considered in conjunction with the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Airspace Redesign.


Garrett (NJ)/
Himes (CT)/
Frelinghuysen (NJ)


Would require the FAA to study alternatives to the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia airspace redesign to reduce delays at the four airports included in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia Metropolitan Redesign Record of Decision published September 5, 2007. As part of the study, the FAA would need to determine the effect on flight delays of the overscheduling of flights by air carriers and include whether altering the size of aircraft would reduce air delays. The amendment also would prohibit the FAA from continuing with the implementation of the airspace redesign until 60 days after the study is submitted to Congress.


Kilroy (OH)


Would require the GAO to study, within one year of enactment, the effectiveness of FAA oversight activities related to preventing or mitigating the effects of dense continuous smoke in the cockpit of commercial aircraft.


Kosmas (FL)


Withdrawn Would amend the responsibilities of FAA regional centers of air transportation excellence to include research related to commercial space transportation, including commercial spaceports, launch vehicles, and spaceflight.


Kosmas (FL)


Withdrawn Would add a new title creating an FAA Center of Excellence for research and development of commercial space transportation. The Center would partner with academia and industry to provide educational, technical, and analytical assistance to the FAA and other Federal agencies in related areas, including space vehicle design, aerospace workforce training, spaceport licensing and safety, and biomedical research.


Lee, Christopher (NY)/
Slaughter (NY)/
Higgins (NY)


Would require GAO, within 3 months of enactment, to initiate a study into commercial airline pilot training and certification programs. The GAO shall submit the report to Congress within 12 months of the study's initiation.


Lowey (NY)/
Engel (NY)/
Hall, John (NY)


Revised Would direct the FAA to initiate a rulemaking process to determine the authorization of Westchester County Airport to reinstate limits on overnight aircraft operations.


Lummis (WY)


Would strike subsections (b) through (e) of section 311 (aircraft rescue and firefighting standard).


McCaul (TX)


Would prohibit authorized funds from being used to name a project or program for an individual then serving as a Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, or Senator of the United States Congress.


Minnick (ID)/
Shuler (NC)/
Nye (VA)/
Matheson (UT)/
Green, Gene (TX)/
Boren (OK)/
Poe (TX)/
Roskam (IL)/
Kirkpatrick (AZ


Would strike the bill's increase in the Passenger Facility Charge and require the Transportation Secretary to establish and conduct a pilot program at up to 6 airports under which an eligible agency may impose a passenger facility charge.


Murphy, Christopher (CT)


Would provide that when conducting an appraisal for purchase or property under the Airport Improvement Program, the appraisal must not consider either the increased or decreased value of the property due to the property’s inclusion in a potential project.


Oberstar (MN)


Revised - Would (1) make technical corrections; (2) add a new section regarding participation of disadvantaged business enterprises in contracts, subcontracts, and business opportunities funded using passenger facility revenues and in airport concessions; (3) require the FAA to hold discussions with countries that have foreign repair stations to harmonize safety standards; (4) clarify that the foreign repair station section (section 303) is an exercise of the rights of the United States under an international agreement; (5) require the FAA to conduct a rulemaking to improve the safety of flight crewmembers, medical personnel, and passengers aboard helicopters providing air ambulance services under federal regulations; (6) establish within the FAA an Aviation Safety Whistleblower Office to assess and investigate complaints regarding aviation safety; (7) clarify that passengers may not smoke in intrastate and interstate aircraft; (8) require air carriers to permit passengers to carry musical instruments under certain circumstances; (9) permit the Secretary to make grants to airport operators and units of local government for soundproofing certain buildings; (10) require the FAA to initiate research and development work on effective air cleaning and sensor technology for the engine and auxiliary power unit for bleed air supplied to the passenger cabin and flight deck; (11) require the owner or operator of a large hub airport to publish on the Internet a phone number to receive aviation noise complaints and report such complaints to the FAA; (12) authorize the Secretary to grant releases from terms of the August 28, 1973 conveyance from the United States to St. George, Utah, for airport purposes; (13) require the FAA to ensure that any air traffic control tower or facility in operation at Palm Beach International Airport after September 30, 2009, or to replace such tower or facility placed into operation before such date, includes an operating terminal radar approach control; (14) addresses the safety concerns at Santa Monica Airport.


Rangel (NY)


Would extend for 3 years the Airport and Airway Trust Fund taxes applicable to the transportation of persons by air, the transportation of property by air, and fuel (aviation-grade kerosene and aviation gasoline) used in commercial aviation. The amendment would increase the taxes applicable to fuel used in noncommercial aviation from 21.8 cents/gallon to 35.9 cents/gallon in the case of aviation-grade kerosene and from 19.3 cents/gallon to 24.1 cents/gallon for aviation gasoline. These rates do not include the 0.1 cent/gallon Leaking Underground Storage Tank tax.


Richardson (CA)


Revised Would require the Transportation Secretary, within 180 days of enactment, to issue regulations to require each air carrier to provide each of its passengers an option to receive a text message (or other comparable electronic service), subject to any fees applicable under the contract of the passenger for the electronic service, from the air carrier consisting of a notification of any change in the status of the flight of such passenger prior to boarding.  This would only apply to air carriers that earn at least one-percent of the domestic passenger service revenue.




Rothman (NJ)


Withdrawn Would prohibit the FAA from taking actions designed to challenge or influence weight restrictions or prior permission rules at Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, New Jersey.


Salazar (CO)


Withdrawn Would amend the Oberstar amendment to strike the air ambulance provision and replace with another provision to cover aircraft, not just helicopters.


Schakowsky (IL)


Would require the FAA, within one year of enactment, to study whether averaging noise pollution from a runway over a 24-hour period is the best methodology for measuring runway noise and, if the determination is that such averaging is not the best methodology, to determine the best methodology for measuring runway noise pollution.


Schock (IL)/
Minnick (ID)/
Boren (OK)/
Coble (NC)


Would clarify that section 303 (foreign repair stations) is applied in a manner consistent with our international agreements.


Sestak (PA)/
Engel (NY)/
Garrett (NJ)/
Hall, John (NY)/
Himes (CT)/
Holt (NJ)/
Payne (NJ)/
Rothman (NJ)


Would prohibit the FAA from continuing any redesign of air space until completion of a cost-benefit analysis of the redesign.


Sestak (PA)/
Engel (NY)/
Frelinghuysen (NJ)/
Hall, John (NY)/
Himes (CT)/
Holt (NJ)/
Payne (NJ)/
Rothman (NJ)


Would amend the findings of airspace redesign to provide that because low altitude aircraft are incompatible with land uses for homes, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, a detailed analysis will be needed to identify the incompatibilities and determine the cost of avoiding them.


Waxman (CA)


Withdrawn Would express the sense of Congress that the FAA should enter into good faith discussions with the city of Santa Monica, California, to achieve runway safety solutions consistent with FAA design guidelines to address safety concerns at Santa Monica Airport.