Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee on H.R. 5521 - Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2007

Summary of Amendment Submitted to the Rules Committee on

(in alphabetical order)


(summaries derived from information provided by sponsors)


Baird (WA)


Provides $2.4 million in funding for electronic mapping of the Capitol complex, including the Capitol itself, the House and Senate office buildings, tunnels, parking facilities, and other areas identified by the Capitol Police.  The funds are offset by funds appropriated for the printing and binding of Government publications by the Government Printing Office. 

Brown-Waite (FL)


Decreases the increase in funding for the Capitol Tour Guide Service by half.

Cleaver (MO)


Prohibits the funds authorized for Members' Representational Allowances in the bill from providing directly for any personal vehicle which is not an alternatively fueled vehicle.

Davis, Susan (CA)


Adds $1 million to the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).  The funding is offset by reducing by $1 million the funding for the Capital Guide Service and Special Services Office.

Hefley (CO)


Cuts discretionary spending in the bill by one percent across-the-board.

McCaul (TX)


Decreases GPO Congressional Printing and Binding funds by $3 million, and increases the Capitol Police salaries fund by $3 million.

Meehan (MA)


Prohibits funds in the bill from being used to establish or operate a smoking area in House Office Buildings.