Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 1806 - America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2015

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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May 18, 2015 3:10 PM

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Beyer (VA)


Includes in the Department of Energy's mission the advancement of our understanding of the extent to which human activity impacts climate change.

Bonamici (OR), Smith, Adam (WA), Peters, Scott (CA)


Allows the Department of Energy to continue partnering with the Department of Defense to produce biofuels for the military.

Bonamici (OR), Welch (VT)


Allows the Department of Energy to continue renewable energy demonstration projects in state and local government buildings, provide grants or technical assistance to support the development of standards for high performing buildings, and allow energy and technology transfer centers to continue developing and distributing informational materials on how to use energy more efficiently.

Bonamici (OR), Cicilline (RI)


Encourages adoption of arts and design, broadly defined, into federal STEM education programs. Directs the National Science Foundation and National Research Council to work together to evaluate the potential benefits of integrating arts and design into STEM education, using existing funding.

Brownley (CA)


Strikes language in the bill that bars DOE from continuing its 4 year collaboration with DOD and USDA on advanced biofuels for the military.

Brownley (CA)


Authorizes DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) at the FY2015 enacted level, $1,936,999,858. Increases NSF Education and Human Resources Directorate to $962,570,000, equal to the President’s FY2016 request. Authorizes NSF Social, Behavioral, and Economics Directorate at the FY2015 enacted level, $272,200,000.

Clark, Katherine (MA), McGovern (MA), Bonamici (OR)


Strikes directorate by directorate funding.

Collins, Chris (NY), Kilmer (WA)


Accelerates the commercialization of federally-funded research and technologies by establishing a grant program for participating STTR agencies to support proof-of-concept research and other innovative technology transfer activities at universities, research institutes, and federal laboratories.

Connolly (VA)


LATE Directs OSTP and the Department of Education to develop a policy to increase partnerships between local elementary and secondary schools and nearby federally-funded research and science programs and to increase volunteer participation by scientists, engineers, and other employees of those programs in local STEM education activities.

Crowley (NY), Serrano (NY), Lujan (NM), Hurd (TX)


Requires the National Science Foundation to establish a STEM grant program for Hispanic-serving institutions as authorized in the America COMPETES Act of 2007 (42 U.S.C. 1862o-12).

DeSaulnier (CA), Beyer (VA)


LATE Remove "reductions of energy-related emissions, including greenhouse gases" from goals of ARPA-E.

Edwards (MD)


Requests a report from the Comptroller General reviewing Federal research grants that are carried out through partnerships between major research institutions and one or more minority serving institutions, predominantly undergraduate institutions, or institutions not in the top 200 of those receiving Federal research funding. Also requests a report from NSF on those same types of research partnerships.

Esty (CT)


Adds "anthropogenic" before "climate change" in Section 801 of the bill.

Esty (CT)


Instructs NSF's I-Corps to support and invest in female entrepreneurs.

Foster (IL)


Strikes section 106 of the underlying bill.

Franks (AZ)


LATE Tasks the Secretary to establish an extensive RDT&E program to generate technologies specifically designed to protect supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and large-scale transformers from the effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and geomagnetic disturbance (GMD)

Grayson (FL)


Authorizes the Energy Innovation Hubs Program within the Department of Energy.

Griffith (VA)


REVISED Provides for the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader to appoint members to congressionally created advisory boards.

Hultgren (IL)


Reaffirms the necessity and priority of basic scientific research.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Increases awareness among underrepresented groups in STEM employment and education by providing information on certification, undergraduate and graduate STEM programs.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Includes in the topics of a workshop that examines models of Federal support for STEM graduate students the issue of reducing the skills and education gap of underrepresented groups in STEM degree programs.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Furthers the skills development and training of teachers who provide instruction in K-12 STEM courses where 40 percent of the students are on free or reduced lunch programs or in areas where unemployment is 1 percent or more above the national average.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Creates state and regional workshops to train K-12 teachers in science and technology project-based learning to provide instruction in initiating robotics and other STEM competition team development programs. Leverages the collaboration among higher education, businesses, and local private as well as public education agencies to support STEM efforts at schools located in areas with 1 percent or more above the national unemployment rate.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Identifies no-cost or low-cost summer and after school science and technology education programs and broadly disseminate that information to the public and support targeted efforts to reach under served populations.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Makes grants available for training in methods of STEM to local education agencies to support the participation of teachers teaching in schools serving neglected, delinquent, and migrant students, English learners, at-risk students, and Native Americans as determined by the director.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Establishes within the Directorate for Education and Human Resources an Office of STEM Education Gap Awareness with the duties of reducing the STEM gap in K-12 and post-secondary education among underrepresented populations.

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)


Authorizes programs to increase the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Johnson, Eddie Bernice (TX)


SUBSTITUTE REVISED Provides for sustained growth and sensible policies across the scientific agencies, in keeping with the goals of the original Competes legislation.

Kelly (PA)


Increases the authorized funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership by $5 million, while decreasing the authorized funding level for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by $5 million.

Kelly, Robin (IL)


LATE Includes national intermediaries who have proven records of fostering STEM growth and success to help students become college ready.

Kilmer (WA)


Inserts Ocean Acidification Innovation Act which incentivizes prize competitions within federal agencies to advance the research and monitoring of ocean acidification.

Kilmer (WA), Esty (CT), Peters, Scott (CA)


Eliminates directorate level funding and increases funding levels in sections 101, 301, and 401 by 3.5%.

Lieu (CA)


Restores the Office of Science’s Biological and Environmental Research Program to FY15 levels.

Lowenthal (CA)


Eliminates additional DOE reporting requirements and restrictions on sound scientific processes to independently verify scientific results.

McGovern (MA), Esty (CT), Bonamici (OR)


Increases the authorization for the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) to $141 million.

McKinley (WV)


Allows Basic Energy funds to be used for salaries of Federal employees performing R&D at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

Moulton (MA)


LATE Strikes Section 648 of the bill.

Perlmutter (CO), Swalwell (CA)


Increases authorization of appropriations for the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to FY15 enacted levels.

Polis (CO)


LATE Increases authorization levels for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Geosciences Directorate and Social, Behavioral, and Economics Directorate to the FY16 President’s Request of $1.37 billion and $291.46 million respectively.

Smith, Lamar (TX)


MANAGER’S AMENDMENT REVISED Makes technical corrections.

Swalwell (CA)


Adds to existing language expressing the sense of Congress in Title VIII that climate change is real the following new phrase: “human activity significantly contributes to climate change.”

Takano (CA)


Increases funding for the Education and Human Resources (EHR) Directorate of the National Science Foundation.

Tonko (NY)


Strikes language that would prevent the results of R&D activity supported by the Department of Energy from being used by regulatory agencies.

Tonko (NY)


Increases authorization levels for OSTP.

Veasey (TX)


Increases the amount authorized for Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy from $140,000,000 to $280,000,000.