H.R. 3189 – Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization Act of 2015

Related Committee: Financial Services
Rules Committee Print for H.R. 3189
Financial Services Committee Report for H.R. 2912
Financial Services Committee Report for H.R. 3189
Summary of Modifications in Rules Committee Print of H.R. 3189: Rules Committee Print 114-35 adds a new section 16, which contains the text of H.R. 2912, as ordered reported with technical and conforming changes. H.R. 2912 establishes a commission to examine how monetary policy has affected economic performance throughout the Federal Reserve's history, to consider the merits of various monetary policy regimes, and to examine the Fed's roles as macroprudential supervisor and regulator, as well as the Fed’s lender-of-last-resort function. 

The Rules Committee held a meeting on Tuesday, November 17 at 3:00pm on H.R. 3189 and reported a structured rule.