Ranking Member Slaughter Slams GOP For Latest Budget Gimmick, Offers Support For Amendment To Prevent Harmful Sequester Cuts

Feb 4, 2013 Related Committee: Rules

WASHINGTON – Today, Rules Committee Ranking Member Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY) criticized House Republicans for attempting to pass another legislative gimmick instead of taking responsible action to reduce the deficit in a balanced and bipartisan way. Congresswoman Slaughter endorsed a substitute amendment submitted by Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) that would eliminate the devastating sequester cuts, and would instead raise revenue by eliminating loopholes for oil and gas companies and instituting the Buffett Rule to ensure bankers and CEOs don’t pay a lower tax rate than teachers and police officers. 

“Instead of playing gotcha games and passing legislative gimmicks, this Congress should focus on preventing the savage cuts contained in the sequester from taking effect,” Slaughter said. “Americans are tired of the majority’s governing-by-sound-bite approach, and they are eager to see leaders take a balanced approach towards reducing our deficit – something we’ve done in our proposal today. I encourage my colleagues to support our amendment, which represents a responsible way forward for reducing our deficit and prevents the job-killing sequester from slowing down our economic recovery.”