Submitting Revisions


Revisions of previously submitted amendments may be submitted using the same amendment submission form originally used to submit the amendment if accessed by the same user.


Note: This form may only be accessed from the House network (including by VPN). Mac users and those accessing the form through some browsers may be prompted to enter their House credentials in order to access the form.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail listing the version and number assigned to the submitted amendment. Please do not bring physical copies of amendments to the Committee.


Having Trouble?

If you receive an error, please record it and provide information to the Committee staff regarding the circumstances under which the error was encountered. If you are unable to complete a submission, the traditional two-step submission form remains available here. Upon submission of this form, follow the instructions you will receive by e-mail in order to finalize your submission. Amendments uploaded via this two-step form will only be considered submitted to the Committee on Rules when the follow-up email has been received and the attached amendment matches the initial submission PDF. Make sure to note which Amendment you are revising.